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What's new? 

Why does this site look a little retro?

Because I'm conscious that bandwidth is limited and I didn't want to waste peoples time downloading wibbly-wobbly graphics, Java, Shockwave and all the other web decoration that is unfortunately becoming all too common. I can do all that stuff, but does it really add much value all the time? I think not.

Similarly, I don't use frames, after all, it's your screen and your choice of browser, so why should I slice it up into little segments for you. Hopefully I've made the site easy to navigate around.

No sound effects either, but don't let me stop you adding your own...!

I would suggest that an 800 by 600 monitor running at 64k colours is useful to view this site, but I won't be upset if you use something different. Let me know if anything doesn't work and I'll fix it.

Who am I?

Mark Fielder, that's who.  You can e-mail me here. My day job is with British Airways at Heathrow. If you want to speak to me, my phone numbers are +44 20 8751 2515 (home) or +44 20 8562 4739 (office). Don't forget to check the time zones, I'm on GMT (a.k.a. UTC) or 1 hour plus in the summer. While I'm happy to speak "trains" almost any time, I might not make a great deal of sense at 4 a.m. I also like motorcycles (currently running an Yamaha TDM850, Ural 650 Dalesman sidecar outfit , a Laverda SF3, a 1969 Laverda 750S and a Ural 650 Red Star), dogs and rhythm & blues music.

The stuff on this site

Is mostly by me, so the text and most of the images are my copyrighted, except where noted. I don't neccessarily mind stuff being used elsewhere, but please contact me first for permission. I will able to offer more information or higher resolution images if required, especially for printing. The images on this site have been hammered down in size to conserve bandwidth, so the quality might suffer a little.

Photos are rather a wild mix. Most are from Photo CD which is by far and away the best thing for digital imaging from 35mm film. Some are scans of enprints and a few are video grabbed images. If a photo is is monochrome, I took it that way, primarily for print work. Most of the newer photos are from digital cameras, either an Agfa E1280 or more recently, a Nikon Coolpix 950 and now a 990.  Both are excellent cameras.

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