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RTM Backertje This is a Backer & Rueb 0-4-0 tram engine built for the Rotterdam Tramweg Maatschappij (RTM).  Commonly known as the "Backertjes" (little Backers).  Built by Stewart Hine using an etched brass body and a cut-down and re-geared Marklin 8864 diesel shunter chassis. The RTM is a fascinating line and well worthy of modelling.
RTM Backertje Another view of the Backertje with an RTM coach. The coach is built as a perspex box overlaid with strips of teak veneer laid plank by plank which is then varnished to bring out the teak effect nicely.
RTM no. 57 & coach More RTM models by Stewart Hine.  This time it's the Orenstein and Koppel 0-6-0 tram engine No.57. The chassis is from a Marklin 8800 and the body is scratchbuilt, but using the boiler section from the original Marklin BR89 loco.
RTM no. 57 A closer view of the 0-6-0.  Stewart has extensively reworked the mechanisms of this and the Backertje to provide a 70:1 gear ratio using what is best described as a "hour-hand" technique to get an extra 3.5:1 reduction stage in the gear train. Not for the faint hearted, but it provides a very good slow running performance at the cost of some extra noise from the gears.
2-truck Shay A 2-truck Shay built by Tom Knapp for Dr. Peter Clark.  Tom designed the RLW kit and this could well be one of the early trial versions. It's on a Micro-Trains F7 chassis.
2-truck Shay Another view of the Shay.This particular model is a woodburning version.  It's very nicely made and even features a pair of antlers on the headlight.
Cooke mogul Denver, South Park & Pacific "Cooke" mogul. Built by John Sprattley for Dr. Peter Clark, using the Bob Sloan (now RLW) kit, which uses a Marklin 8895 chassis.
Cook mogul in colour A colour shot of the Cooke mogul, which shows off the Prussian blue boiler and wooden cab. This is a nice model and runs very well, even having done a few laps of the Pizza (before the bridge was installed).
RGS Goose Rio Grande Southern "Galloping Goose" from the RLW kit, by John Sprattley. Powered by a motor bogie made from the short wheelbase half of the Marklin 8864 diesel.
Talyllyn Railway Dolgoch Dolgoch from the Talyllyn Railway, 2mm scale 4.5mm gauge. This loco is 100% scratchbuilt by John Greenwood including the motor, wheels and gears. It's posed next to a typical British standard gauge open wagon which in this scale will be about 33mm long. Dolgoch is small!  Brass and nickel-silver are the main materials used.
Talyllyn Railway Dolgoch Another shot of Dolgoch, posed next to an English 5 pence coin which is 18mm in diameter. This photo is rather a cruel enlargement. As the model was still under construction when the photo was taken, the boiler was not fixed in place.
Welshpool & Llanfair Railway - The Earl The Earl from the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway. Again by John Greenwood, 2mm scale, 4.5mm gauge. Scratchbuilt, using a Sagami 1013 motor. John & his wife run a guest house in Machynlleth which makes a good base from which to explore the Welsh narrow gauge railways.
Light railway buildings Not strictly narrow gauge, these two little buildings are on the light railway layout of Phil Copleston, built by David Long. However they are so typical of the sort of building favoured by poorly financed concerns that typify English narrow gauge railways. Don't forget this is still 2mm scale.The strainer wire on the telegraph pole features a turnbuckle. You can't see it here, so take my word for it. Look also for a set of telephone bells.
Nn3 Climax Mike Chenoweth has sent some photos of a Climax he has built to fit on a Z-scale F7 chassis from Micro Trains. It is cast from Alumilite and the finished model weighs about 2grams less than an RLW shay.
John Norquist has sent in some photos of his Nn3 models, some really nice stuff here. John's currently serving in Tuzala, Bosnia in the 7th U.S. Cavalry and managing to keep up his Nn3 interests.

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