Manufacturer's Pages

Microtrains - the main manufacturer of ready to run Nn3 rolling stock.

Republic Loco Works - the prime source of Nn3 kits and components.

Lok14 - make a range of ready to run equipment for US Nn3 and European Nm.

Aspenmodel - market the range of brass Nn3 models made by Westmodel.

Marklin - the mother lode for loco chassis, track and other parts for Nn3.

N-Tram - A German supplier of N scale metre gauge equipment

Wright Turnouts - supplier of ready-to-lay turnouts to match Marklin or Peco track

Toma Model Works - Japanese Nn3

Micron Art - supplier of fine etched structure & vehicle kits and details

Clever Models - card kits very suitable for narrow gauge scenes, plus a range of printed textures for scratchbuilding.

Nigel Lawton - source of useful small motors for repowering Markin locos

Roy Bergauer - supplier of N metre gauge kits and other N scale detailing parts.

Welcome to the
Nn3 Home Page
Nn3 is narrow gauge in N scale, primarily, but not exclusively using Z scale standards to represent 3ft narrow gauge railroads.While it's obviously a minority interest, it's followed by an increasing number of modellers worldwide.

The focal point for much of this activity is the Nn3 mailing list on Yahoo, where modellers congregate in cyberspace to discuss modelling topics and plan Nn3 events.  The Nn3 Handbook is a joint project by members of the Nn3 mailing list

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The Nn3 Handbook is available now
Over 400 photos and diagrams, 140 information packed pages. See some sample pages:   ContentsForewordLocomotives and Trackwork

It can be purchased online using VISA or MASTERCARD  from Republic Loco Works

If you do not live in the US, using the Web will most likely save you money since this way you will be charged only for the actual cost of shipping (and not the estimated cost).

For for direct mail purchases:
US and Territories:  Enclose a check or Money Order of  $31.50 to cover product($25) and shipping($6.50).

Canada:  Enclose a check or Money Order for $33.50 (US currency) to cover product($25) and shipping($8.50).

Rest of World: Enclose a check or Money Order of $40.50(US currency) to cover product($25) and shipping($15.50).
Send the check or Money Order to:
Republic Locomotive Works
Attn: Purchase Nn3 Handbook
16 Little Cape Horn
Cathlamet, Wa. 98612

For further reading, the Nn3 Manual and Narrow Gauge Data Book, both published by NTRAK are also recommended.  

Recommended magazines are Light Iron Digest,  Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette (US), Voie Libre (France) in French with an English translation leaflet available on request and Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review (UK) published by Greystar Publications.

Nn3 Modeller's Pages

Rick Blanchard's Slim Rails page & Nn3 page

Roy Steven's Rio Grande Southern Nn3 page

Garth Hamilton's Nn3 Home page

Dave Berkheimer's  Narrow Gauge & Nn3 pages

Mike Chenoweth's Colorado narrow gauge Nn3 page

Mark Fielder's British Nn3 page

Roger Hord's Snake River Railroad (featured in the  Australian NG Web Exhibition)

Tom Knapp's Model Engineering  page

Kenji Toma's Nn3 Modelling Blog

Some Nn2 modelling from Japan 

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