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When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Here are some places from where suitable equipment for Nn3 (such as that mentioned in the components page) can be obtained. Web links are provided where available, otherwise mail and phone contacts are given.


For further reading, the Nn3 Manual and Narrow Gauge Data Book, both published by NTRAK are highly recommended.  NTRAK offer a mail order service and in the UK, they can be ordered from Creedstone Publications, 23 Sinah Lane, Hayling Island, Hampshire, PO11 0HH, UK.  Recommended magazines are Light Iron Digest,  Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette (US), Voie Libre (France) in French with an English translation leaflet available on request and Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review (UK) published by Roy Link.


Peco supply 2 white metal locomotive body kits to fit the Marklin 0-6-0 chassis: NG-651 Tram Loco and NG-652 Saddle Tank Loco. Available to special order only are 2 wagon kits, NG-624 Open Wagon and NG-625 Box Van. These come unboxed and without wheels. Orders for these are best placed with:

Peco Technical Advice Bureau, Beer, Seaton, Devon, EX12 3NA, UK  

phone +441297 21542   fax +441297 20229   Unfortunately there is no published email address.

Z scale flexi-track is available (SL-200) in 24 inch (609mm) lengths. Peco do not currently make matching turnouts and suggest using Marklin turnouts. Moulded foam ballast inlays are made for the flexitrack and Marklin turnouts.


Pentrollers can be obtained from:

Stewart Hine, 44 Waverley Road, Rayners Lane, Middlesex, HA2 9RD, UK

2mm Scale Association

The Association supplies a range of components to support scratchbuilders in 2mm scale (1:152).  The track and wheel standards are very similar to Marklin and Microtrains standards. The smallest loco driving wheel currently made is 7mm diameter and the smallest rolling stock wheel is 5.25mm. Motors and gears for loco construction are available. Code 40 rail and PCB sleepers (ties) are supplied. The sleeper dimensions suit standard gauge (9.42mm) but can easily be cut down for narrower gauges. Components are only available to Association members. The Association web site contains details on membership and an application form.

Saltford Models

Brian Clarke makes a range of small wheels and gears for 5mm and 6mm gauge models in OO scale which can be easily adapted for Nn3. Not cheap and as they are made to order, delivery times could be somewhat lengthy.

Saltford Models, 11 Penn Gardens, Bath, Avon BA1 3RZ, UK


Lok14 make a range of hand assembled ready to run equipment for US Nn3 and European Nm - both running on 6.5mm gauge track to Z gauge standards. The locomotives feature Faulhaber coreless motors and run extremely well.  Not cheap, but very high quality.  When visiting their web site, note that only the German side is functional, the English language option is still under construction.

Republic Locomotive Works

Marshall Thompson's RLW company is the mother lode for US outline Nn3 modellers.  As well as an extensive range of his own kits, he's also a dealer for Micro-Trains and Marklin, so RLW is the nearest thing to a one-stop shop for Nn3 there is. In my experience, Marshall and Moira provide speedy mail order world wide.

Aspen Models

Aspen market the range of brass Nn3 models made by Westmodel. These come either ready-to-run or as kits. Top class models. They also carry the JHM range of track and turnouts for N and Nn3 using code 40 and code 55 rail.


Micro-Trains make a range of ready-to-run Nn3 rolling stock and also sell components like trucks, wheels and couplers seperately. For Nn3 motive power, their Z scale F7 diesel provides a useful chassis for Shays, Climaxes etc., while they market a Colorado & Southern 2-6-0 steam loco which has a cast brass body on a Marklin 2-6-0 chassis.

Clover House

Make a range of PCB sleepers for N and Nn3. Their web site isn't very informative, so the postal address is:

Post Office Box 62 WS,  Sebastopol, California 95473-0062, U.S.A.

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